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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Why did the chicken cross the road?
A. I must say this question has gotten to me for quite some time. Under normal circumstances, chickens are kept in retaining enclosures which rob the chicken of the possibility to encounter a road, much less cross it. If a chicken ever did encounter a road, the last thing it would do would be to cross it, that it, unless there is some instinctual force driving the chicken to the conclusion that an eternal utopia exists on the opposite side of the road in which case the chicken would be severely mistaken as the only life changing event it may encounter is the termination of biological functions due to the shock and structural damage caused by impact with a moving vehicle.

Q.How old are you?
A.Although I often have to think about this one, I have had enough time to remember that I am 16 years old.

Q.Why do you ramble on so?
A.I ramble so much because I have nothing better to do.

How about some real questions?

Q.Can Christianity and evolution mix?
A. The answer is, quite simply, no.
Some people believe that God could have used evolution to create. They say that the millions of years are reffered to as 7-days.
This can not be true and here is a summary of why:

- For evolution to occur, death is required.
- God created Adam and Eve last of all beings.
- There was no death or sin untill after Adam and Eve's betrayal of God, often referred to as The Fall.
- Thus, there could be no death untill AFTER Adam and Eve were created.
- Evolution would have had to occur before the existance of Adam and Eve, which means death would have existed before Adam and Eve, which could not happen because there was no death before The Fall, which happened after Adam and Eve were created.

So, as you can see, it is impossible to believe that God used evolution as a means of creation.

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