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Haha! I bet you thought I was dead! Nono! I'm not dead! I'm alive a squirming! But I'm a big crazy busy guy. I give you an overview of my life.

-On November 23 of 2002 I proposed to Lauren. -I have somehow managed to get decent at web programming and database programming. I know C++ sometimes, I'm best at PHP right now. I got a job working with Oracle SQL and oracle forms. I'm pretty good with mySQL I'd say.
-I'm a junior but I don't get to graduate after next year cause my school kinda sucks.
-I got credit cards and use them too much, but am currently fixing that.
-I worked away from home over the summer.
-I, for some strange reason, became a Math minor and I only have 2 classes left till my minor is done.
-My sister has moved back home and got my room, because her old room became my other sister's room, and her old room became my Dad's office. So I don't really have a room at home.
-My school had some bad things happen, and now sucks. They overspent on a new building, and lost all funding from synod, so the fired some people. One of them was the only person making the CS department at CURF worthwhile. So I may not get to stay on campus for free over the summer (i.e. I probably will not)
-i.e. Stands for id est in latin, which means "that is"
-I have the same monitor as the one I fixed way back when

That's about everything important. Ok, I know I forgot a lot. How about you head over to and keep up there.

I haven't updated in a long time. I've been through 1 year of college, going back soon, got good grades, made friends.
More, but no time

My ego has doubled in size times since a while ago.