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Bah - getting sidetracked.
I learned that he wasn't doing so hot. Initially I was semi-optimistic, but now, ..., well, I know the truth.
Before entering his room we has to wash our hands, and we all did. i didn't know what to expect as we approached the room, and I maintained my abnormal calm and pleasant attitude even apon entering the room. There he lay - his eyes 1/4 of the way open and quite watery, all sorts of tubes going down his throat and to his arms; a thing covering the top of his head made of gauze like material with a bunch of wire going under it, and a couple displays showing life signs. Th first time I saw him the first number of his blood pressure was in the hundreds, and his heart rate was over 100. He breathed 12 times/min. My Aunt Dorothy said this meant that he was breathing 2 times on his own, but later said he was doing it all on his own. I asked the nurse what all the doodads on the screen meant and she explained them - saying that the respirator was doing all the work for him.
There were tears coming from his eyes. The doctors said it was just a secretion, while the family members said he was crying.
I noticed that he had a catheder - blah - at least he was unconscious for the insertion of that... *cringe* Along with that there was a rather foul odor in the air - I'm guessing it had to do with waste management.

I learned that his pituitary gland was severed due to the swelling in his brain. This swelling was caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain for 30 minutes.

Some stuff hapened, lots of people cried (I came close, but recovered in time...), and people were settled for a while. His immediate family had been gone for a while, and they came out slowly. His sister was crying, and his dad came to tell us all what had been discussed. The doctors showed Robert's charts and they had a steady downward trend. Robert was not yet brain dead, but he is ever approaching it. (This part had him choking up.) He said that they had decided that if(or rather, when) he has another cardiac arrest, they should not recessitate him, and his organs are to be donated. The donation cannot occur until Robert is brain dead, so all we can do now is wait. As his dad said, this is what Robert would have wanted them to do.

According to his mother, he will be saving 60 people!!! That is, if he has enough skin (it is for a burn victim.)

I look at it this way, though I dare not say it in front of these people. For Robert at least, it can't get any better. He is either in heaven, or on his way, and he is saving the lives of so many people. I have always admired sacrifice for a friend. My self chosen confirmation verse is, "Greater love has no man than this; that he lay down his life for his friend." I'm not sure what passage is is, but (be it morbid or what-have-you), I admire it somewhat. Robert has left this earth quite gloriously, and I think it somewhat selfish to be sad. (This is my logical opinion. Not a practical one.) He's heading home.

After speaking with a young relative who has been spying for my, the doctors are doing some tests, and they checked to see if he could breathe on his own. He could not. This relative said that they will probably be donating his organs tomorrow morning.

Well, that's all for now. I will update as new info becomes available.
I ask that you would pray for the family - ask for emotional healing, and comfort.